AsiaBSDCon 2024

March 21-24, 2024, Chientan Youth Activity Center, Taipei, Taiwan

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Conference Venue

The conference venue is Chientan Youth Activity Center. A route from Jiantan station to Chientan Youth Activity Center can be found by Google Map. Routes from airports and Taipei Main Station will be described in another section below.

Chientan Youth Activity Center is located on the bank of the Keelung River in the west corner of Jiantan, Taipei City. It can accommodate 1,000 people and is the most comprehensive education and training venue in Taipei.

The teaching area in Chientan Youth Activity Centen is located on the shore of Jiantan Lake, which is surrounded by green hills, and the classroom environment is quiet. The assembly area is located between the teaching area and the accommodation area, including a two- or three-storey hall corridor that can be used for gathering a large number of people and displays.

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Transportation in Taipei: Taipei Metro (MRT)

Taipei Mass Rapid Transit (MRT, aka Metro Taipei) is a public transportation network in Taipei and New Taipei cities. You can reach most of places using MRT. Lines are referred using names or colors. "Bannan Line" in is in the local language, and it is also called "Blue line" using the color. Wenhu Line in is also called "Brown Line."

Most of the public transportation in Taiwan use rechargeable IC card to collect fares. There are two types: Easy Card and iPASS. They can be used for taking the MRT, buses, some train services, and even for payment at some stores.

You can find them at general convenience stores and MRT station service counters. The cost of purchasing the card is 100 NTD (New Taiwan Dollar). It can be topped up at convenience stores, MRT stations, and train stations. The minimum top-up amount at convenience stores is 100 NTD, while there is no minimum top-up requirement at MRT stations and train stations.

Taipei Metro also offers "travel pass" discounted ticket. For more details, visit the travel pass website and the official website of Taipei Metro.

Airport to Taipei and Directions to the Venue

There are two airports in Taipei, TPE and TSA.

Taoyuan International Airport (TPE)

TPE is usually referred simply as "Taipei Airport" in most cases. Note that the location is NOT within Taipei City. You should take some transportation to get there. The following map shows the locations of TPE and Taipei Main Station:

Google Map Navigation From TPE to Taipei Main Station

A recommended public transportation to Taipei Main Station is Taoyuan Airport MRT. It will be a 42-min train trip:

To reach the venue, transfer to Tamsui (Red) Line at Main Station and get off at Jiantan Station.

Visit the following websites to check MRT time and ticket prices:

Other options can be found at the airport website.

Taipei Songshan Airport (TSA)

TSA is another airport in Taipei city. The following MRT route map shows the locations of TSA, Taipei Main Station, and Jiantan Station:

Driving to the Venue

Enter the address "No. 59號, Section 4, Zhongshan N Rd, Zhongshan District, Taipei City (Chientan Youth Activity Center)" to the navigation system, or follow the routes below:

From South:

  1. Take ChongQing N. Road exit on highway no. 1 heading towards the city → left at MinZu W. Road → left at ChengDe Road→ right at Chientan Road → right to ZhongShan N. Road → center is at the intersection with Tonghe Street.
  2. Take interchange 25.8k on highway no. 1 → left onto Dunhang Road → left at ChengDe Road→ right at Chientan Road → right to ZhongShan N. Road → center is at the intersection with Tonghe Street.

From North:

  1. Take ChongQing N. Road exit on highway no. 1 heading towards the Shilin/Beitou → go over Bailing Bridge and onto Zhongshen Road → turn right at Zhongshang N. Road to get to the center at the Tonghe Street intersection.

Details can also be found at

Traveling in Taipei

Tourist Destinations

There are many historic buildings and districts in Taipei City. Natural attractions are located in New Taipei City. You can reach most of attractions via MRT.

Here are some unique/popular attractions suitable for one- or half-day travel:

Dietary Restrictions Restaurant Lists

You can find restaurants for people with dietary restrictions:


There are some traveler friendly Mobile Internet Plan (eSIM):

FYI, the top three cellular services in Taiwan are the following:

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