AsiaBSDCon 2024

March 21-24, 2024, Chientan Youth Activity Center, Taipei, Taiwan

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Banquet: Shin Yeh Taiwanese Cuisine Nanshi (欣葉台菜 南西店)

Shin Yeh Taiwanese Cuisine got its start in 1977 in Taipei on ShuangCheng Street and was the founding brand of the restaurant group.

Using traditional authentic taste as its foundation, Shin Yeh continues to innovate, keeping in step with the times. Over the past 40 years Shin Yeh has grown alongside the people of Taiwan and relentlessly exerted itself in Taiwanese cuisine. It has become not only what overseas Chinese miss deeply, but also the preferred restaurant for our foreign friends visiting Taiwan.

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Traffic Guide Line

From Jiantan Taipei Metro Station to Zongshan Taipei Metro Station (Red Line). Take Exit 2, then enter the department store and go to 8F.

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